➤ Audrey Martin with The Essence of Life
➤ Luc François with Mensch aus Menschen
➤ Ani Fox with Avalon 21st Century, Corners of Chambers and Broadway
➤ Sven Wohl with Déi Kuerz Rees vum Direkten a Perséinlechen Techsupport
➤ Fabienne Faust with Summer Flake
➤ Lynn Rosa André with We Remain Under This Sun
➤ Robbie Martzen with The Heart of the Sun
➤ Cosimo Suglia with Barometz
➤ Cosimo Suglia, Sandy Heep with the Preface

(The first edition was sold and sold out at the 2023 Walfer Bicherdeeg.
The second edition will be sold at LuxCon 2024.
All of the stories will be published, for free, at https://anerwelten.lu in March 2024.)